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Beckwith Road/Standiford Avenue is located in the City of Modesto and provides direct connections to residential neighborhoods as well as commercial and economic hubs in the region such as the Vintage Faire Mall and other nearby shopping centers. Currently, the corridor has no dedicated facilities for bicyclists and limited facilities for transit users. The closely spaced intersections often cause long queues of motor vehicles which can back up onto the highway leading to safety concerns.  As a result, some collision rates within the project area significantly exceed the statewide average.

The project concept is to improve the corridor and adjoining local streets by implementing a complete streets approach. This approach will integrate bicycle and pedestrian travel with motor vehicle travel to improve safety, access, and visibility for all users including bicyclists, pedestrians, and transit users.

Project Overview


air quality

Improved movement of people and goods to support economic opportunity in Modesto

Enhanced local and regional connectivity

Improved multimodal (walking, biking,

transit accessibility)

Improved Safety

The Beckwith Road/Standiford Avenue Multimodal Safety & Complete Streets Improvement Project will provide numerous benefits for the Modesto community and surrounding region including:

Community Benefits


The Project Initiation and Environmental phases of the project are funded through a local Capital Facility Fee and Regional Measure L funds. For later phases, including final design and construction, the City of Modesto plans to seek state and federal funding. 


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